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This is an auspicious time to begin a new job, or start a new line of work. You will notice excitement when you are together with your friends and will enjoy meeting new friends that come into your life now.

People in high places can be generous to your causes and sincerity will get you a long way in the world right now. Good fortune may come knocking at this time, so make sure you open the door! This transit brings legal decisions in your favor and this is a wonderful transit to ask favors from others. Long distance travel is highly favored and a lucky break may very well come to you now.

This is an excellent transit for all dealings with others, especially in business and educational matters. A change in residence ispossible at this time and be careful of putting on weight now as it will be very easy to do. So stay away from the carbohydrates and stick to fruit or vegetables. Health matters will be doing quite well and social climbing to a new position will be important to you now.

This is a wonderful time for adding to your resources and setting realistic plans and goals for the future. You will prefer more serious people in your life who have a desire for travel and perhaps a little adventure or two. You may also see your spouse or partner for who they really are for the first time.

Surprise money can appear suddenly from anywhere at this time. There should be more harmony in family and relationships present. Things that you have hoped for and wished for can materialize like magic now, and gains can come through recognition.

Go ahead with ventures that have been on hold now, as the influences of this transit point to success. This is a very positive and intuitive time when you can start self improvement programs that will have good results. This can be a time of generosity and great consideration for the well being of others. If you have to handle legal matters, do it now, the odds are in your favor as protection seems to come from unknown sources. Reap the rewards for all of your past deeds now. Outstanding matters can be resolved with more than startling results.

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