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Feelings of detachment for the opposite sex or sudden love temptations can arise to test you now and most probably both detachment and temptation will greet you at the same time which can make life very interesting and confusing.

You may receive a gift of money during this transit, but they are very small amounts, such as coupon rebates, five and ten dollar checks and nothing major.

New and interesting acquaintances can develop now, or someone new may charm the pants off you and renewed soul contacts can be reestablished. Your intuition is strong at this time and you may want to spend more time by yourself.

Lovers can be unfaithful to you now and this is also a very demanding time for love where ultimatums can be given. Old relationships can end and new ones can begin just as quickly.

This is a very unfavorable time for money, tax and insurance and disappointments can come through relationship breakups and hurt feelings caused by others. Make some changes in your present circumstances if you can, although this is a very disturbing time for emotions and affections. If you are into the weird, strange, hypnotic and unreliable, then this is the time for you.

Vacation plans can go right out the window now and unanticipated circumstances can bring separations from others. Contracts and agreements can easily be broken especially now and you will be attracted to everything "weird" in life, although it isn't good for you. Don't try to convince people to make changes, they must do it on their own.

Short lived relationships can easily begin now, but understand it will end just as suddenly as soon as the transit ends. Physical attractions to the opposite sex will be strong and gains can come from unseen sources.

The influences of this transit include buying, making changes, beautifying or just splurging on a favorite pleasure. By the end of this transit however, the way you look at money, what you spend money on and what you need in your life, versus what you don't will be much clearer.

You can easily experience a strong restlessness, be plagued by the inability to have fun, pleasure or get satisfaction from life now and some will experience problems with the throat, especially if you are not used to speaking and then suddenly have to talk for long periods of time. For those of you with Uranus in Gemini, you can have sudden problems in breathing as well, especially around the exact time of this transit.

Love relationships can become stressful and need to be reevaluated now and a need for freedom, openness and excitement surrounds you and can bring very unpredictable results. Unreliable people can be found everywhere and in your sexual and emotional expression you will be more uninhibited then normal and draw the most bizarre people to test this theory. Impulse spending can leave you broke or there can be unexpected expenses to deal with. This is an unfavorable time for dealing with banks and money matters.

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