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This is a time of mental confusion, withdrawal and fantasizing. It is best to put plans on the back burner for now, as misunderstandings in communications can occur. Unintentional divulging of secrets can leave you very vulnerable now and don't answer stupid questions with a stupid remark. The misuse of drugs, alcohol and medications is indicated as well.

Be somewhat skeptical of opportunities that seem too good at this time, as confusion, lies and deceptions in communications will have to be uncovered. Avoid dishonesty and dishonest people if you can spot them. Your nerves can be on edge, so make some time for exercise. Make sure you have all the facts before you engage your mouth to avoid potential embarrassments. This is an unfavorable for close emotional relationships and you may be feeling somewhat Homesick.

Misconceptions, misunderstandings and constant states of confusion have entered your life now and ABSENT-MINDEDNESS characteristics have emerged. This is not the time to drive because your mind won't be on what you are doing, so be extra careful! Ill health can be because of drugs, alcohol or any medications and expect to miss or completely forget appointments. Any psychic input that comes to you now is probably going to be strange to say the least and unwanted.

This is an unfavorable time for contracts and agreements to be made and organizations and friends will not render their support to you now. This is not the time to take short cuts in your work or punish children because as with anything else, we can have a tendency to go overboard, regretting it later. The truth is easy to hide from you now and tardiness will be found in the most unbelievable excuses. Lies, cheating and deceptions can easily take place.

Don't get involved in scandals or scandalous situations, instead try to sort the facts you have from fiction. Avoid people who hold grudges or people who deceive, as the misrepresentation of facts can easily occur. Rude awakenings about people can be devastating to you now and the main issues that surround you now aren't clear, as if you are in a fog. If you don't like someones opinion, ask someone elses in all matters.

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