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Life cannot go on the same way it has been, now can it? It's time to let go of the past and get on with your life. Changes are now coming into your life and demanding that you pay attention. Perhaps that is where the loneliness experienced here is coming from? How else would you listen to the inner beatings of your soul to make change? If life was going okay now, why would you make changes, or need to? This is the positive side to a seemingly negative situation.

There will be a loss of feelings within relationships and a decrease of the sexual drive. You may feel the need to take back a commitment made to another, becoming more rigid in the process and there will also be an unwillingness to share within the relationship. You may notice some pain or discomfort in the joints.

Remember when you were a child and you had blocks and used to build things? Was there a bully that used to come around and knock them down? You never had that happen? Well, here he comes in some form, or it will probably be you. The conditions in your life just aren't good enough any more. Power struggles are likely now, so try to avoid being the dictator especially now.

Matters of sexuality and feeling "betrayed" and not needed by another are real issues to be dealt with at this time and if matters are "pushed" and not left alone to cool down, or the relationship is not strong enough to endure the hurt that accompanies it, then separations can occur. This will be a test of the strength and the validity of the relationship.

People can suddenly disappear during the exact time of this transit, almost like they never existed. You can look at others for the first time in a very different way and decide you don't like them very much, or who they have become, all the while pretending to be a friend.

Breaking attachments with others is the highlight of this transit and friends may move away or you may be forced to move. Plans have an excellent chance of FAILURE and loneliness or depression can be knocking on your door. Maybe you need them to analyze and soul search your life. Anybody can be dishonest and you won't have far to look to find it. Sympathy for others will not be present and avoid corruption and dishonesty in business.

Sexual problems can pop up at this time, but they are temporary though so don't panic. On the other hand you may be very uninterested in any sexual involvement and STRESS is a key word for this transit, so see if you can eliminate the excesses of it somehow.

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